What is Consumer Intelligence? 

Consumer intelligence (CI) is the collection and analysis of customer data across multiple data sources including – social media, customer reviews, product reviews, forums, blog posts, news articles and so much more –  in order to best understand the most effective best ways to engage with customers.

Consumer intelligence provides a detailed understanding of the experience customers have in interacting with a brand or company, and provides insights into the influences driving consumer behaviors, brand sentiment, and engagement across different channels.

3 Things You Need to Know

  • Consumer Intelligence is more than demographics a including gender, age, interests, professions, ethnicity and bio terms.
  • Consumers use social networks to let their friends know how they feel about life, and that includes their feelings around products and brands.
  • Understanding the interests of your consumers helps brands stay current, enabling them to surprise and delight their customers making them feel known and cared about.

 Coach Roszie Amir x Dattel Voyager 

Dattel Voyager is the data and digital solution to help power up your advertising for better results. 

Get the right customers for your products & understand Brand Health of your/competitors with Dattel Voyager Consumer Intelligence.

Coach Roszie Amir will help you analyse customer behaviour and identify your ideal customers more accurately using Consumer Intelligence. The right branding and marketing strategies will increase your chances of success in driving your products & services.

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